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The Real Estate Mogul, M.D. Shares Stories, Conversations, And Actionable Advice To Help You Build Wealth, Create Passive Income And Have More Time As A Doctor. We Interview Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Executives, Financial Advisors, Coaches, And Real Estate Investors. We Cover A Large Range Of Topics Including Running A Medical Practice, Finances, Work Life Balance, Wealth Building, Tax Strategies For Medical Professionals, Real Estate Investing, Financial Planning, Asset Protection, Insurance, Tax Free Exits, Corporation Structuring, Retirement Planning, And Much More!

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The Real Estate Mogul, M.D. shares stories, conversations, and actionable advice to help you build wealth, create passive income and have more time as a doctor.


We cover a large range of topics including running a medical practice, finances, work-life balance, wealth building, tax strategies for medical professionals, real estate investing, financial planning, asset protection, insurance, tax free exits, corporation structuring, retirement planning, and much more!


e interview medical professionals, entrepreneurs, accountants, executives, financial advisors, coaches, and real estate investors.

Meet The Host

Speaker – Author – Investor – Entrepreneur – Husband – Father
Brett Riggins is a twenty year veteran of the real estate business whose passion is helping people connect with the life they want. With more than 20 million dollars in transactions, his company Connect Home Buyers is a real estate acquisition machine supported by territories across the country.

After graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Construction Engineering, Brett worked his way through every level of home renovation and reconstruction by rolling up his sleeves through the blood sweat and tears of the fix and flip/investing grind. He then launched his own business, bringing his knowledge and experience to a broader market, building off of his real estate licenses in TN and SC. With the success of Connect Home Buyers came the realization that he could share his know-how with others through portfolio building and turn-key real estate development. Founding Physicians Wealth Systems allowed Brett to fulfill his fundamental need to help others while also giving him a platform to share his belief that everyone should have access to authentic living.

Today, Brett is a mentor, podcaster, public speaker, and coach as well as continuing to run his own multi-million dollar real estate business. Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two kiddos (a.k.a. future entrepreneurs), Brett connects people across the country and beyond with the tools they need to create the life they want.

How To Get Rich As A Doctor

An easy-to-read manual that explicitly outlines the quickest way to build wealth by leveraging real estate as a doctor. This book deals with the challenges and financial issues doctors face, how to navigate through them, and resources to help achieve your wealth goals.