First generation immigrant who had three options: medicine, law, or engineering. Started her clinic 2yrs out of residency with her sister. Her uncle built a 3 unit strip mall and they rented that unit until they outgrew it. Then they purchased and redeveloped a 15,000 sqft commercial building where they now have 8 clinicians and continue to help the underserved Hispanic area.  70% of their revenue is Medicaid which only pays 50% of what other insurance pays. Entrepreneurship is a journey of self-development. From Burnout to Balance. Feed the soul – you can beat yourself up to the top or you can love yourself to the top. Learn to set personal boundaries. Burnout happened at Covid. REAL ESTATE IS FUN! Don’t lease for 30 years if you open your own clinic. Real Estate Tips: 
1. Know the market 
2. Don’t be afraid to invest in transitional areas 
3. Expand your association beyond other physicians 
4. Ask research questions to a variety of people